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London 15/01/1990 Tuesday

London 15/01/1990 Tuesday

London 15/01/1990 Tuesday

I bought two tapes to listen to on my new walkman: Tears for Fears and Talking Heads. I got two letters from Keila and my cousin. My mum brought a typewriter home and my new pastime is typing on it.

Now she’s taken to throwing in my face that I do sweet F.A., that I should be looking for a course, studying or work, as if I haven’t been trying to find a job! Then she says I’m only here because of her. If it was up to me I’d have stayed in Brasilia, living a good life with my friends. I came here because I had no means of staying there, she knows it. It’s not easy being away from friends and family, in a place I don’t know. Why won’t she stop interfering in my life? She messed it up enough by taking me out of my beloved Brasilia and she continues to want to mess it up and then she tried to make me feel bad? Just leave me alone.

David has really vanished. Is he dead, has he been arrested, or decided he had enough of me? But this is what hurts me the least right now.

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