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London 19/01/1990 Friday

London 19/01/1990 Friday

London 19/01/1990 Friday

Yesterday, after English class, Letitia asked me to go and watch some bands in a pub with her and of course I went. Her boyfriend plays in one of the bands. We got there, and we were drinking and talking to a Brazilian who works there. Next to us stood the most amazing looking guy, with long hair. Letitia started talking to him, he’s Swedish. But he was too far gone, past Marrakesh, so we left. Letitia’s boyfriend’s band went on and the Swedish guy joined us, talking to Letitia, he looked smitten by her. The show finished and she left the two of us to go and talk to her boyfriend.

Swedish guy bought me a beer, Letitia had given him her number and she asked me to make sure he phoned her, so I told him that. She joined us, he gave her a peck on the cheek and then her boyfriend came over. Letitia whispered in “Kiss the Swedish guy, please, on the mouth!” and I said “WHAT?”, she pleaded “Please on the mouth”. I thought, ok, this guy is probably the best looking guy I’ve ever seen and will ever see, so I just snogged him while Letitia was with her boyfriend. A bit later I said “I’m sorry, I had to do that”, he said he wanted my address and took me outside… I kept telling him I kissed him because Letitia asked me to, because her boyfriend was there and that he was supposed to call her. He didn’t seem bothered.

Then Letitia came out, with my jacket and stayed with us. She’s so funny! She turned around to Swedish boy and said he could have us both, at the same time, that we live together and that we are girlfriends (forgetting she had told him we were sisters, earlier in the evening, he was too drunk to remember). I was just laughing. She asked me if he was a good kisser, I said yes, so she took him out for a spin and kissed him. What the fuck?! and then she said to his face that he wasn’t that much of a kisser, to me, in Portuguese.

It was time for the last tube and we left, and Swedish boy came with us. I think he actually believed he could have us both, he phoned me today, just now, and wants to meet up tonight. But I don’t have Letitia’s number or money, and he wants to meet in a pub. He’s so handsome, I wish I had some money. I told him to call Letitia, but he said he doesn’t have her number. I said he did have her number, must have been in one of his pockets, he’s a bit on the slow side though, he can’t find it. In any case he gave me his number.

Last night at the pub I gave my Legiao Urbana tape to the DJ and he played it! “Ja estou cheio de me sentir vazio” (I’m full of feeling empty) aka Bader-Mehnhioff Blues. I should get commission for that from Legiao.

I put an advert for a job as a cleaner on a window shop and a woman called here, will meet her later on today, I hope she likes me. I’m asking for £3.50 an hour.

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