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London 04/02/1990 Sunday

London 04/02/1990 Sunday

London 04/02/1990 Sunday

I haven’t had time to write… On Monday I went to Letitia’s as it was Mauricio’s leaving party, which got cancelled, but she couldn’t get hold of me and I went there. She cooked pasta for me and Gail (her friend and flatmate). I like her so much, she’s like an older sister. She said she was addicted to cocaine for a year, but then one day decided to stop, she said it was so hard but she had to stop.

On Tuesday after class, her, me and Mauricio went to a pub. Mauricio was sad because he can’t afford to go back to Brazil and was pondering on life. It was a very introspective night, ‘ultra-intra’ – there you go, a new word. On Thursday Letitia, me and my mum went to another pub to talk. Since I met her I’ve been to four new pubs. My favourite so far is still the Intrepid Fox, full of punks and decadent people.

Everything is going at work. Joe is so ignorant sometimes. Well, he’s a businessman. I worked 53 hours last week. On Saturday I couldn’t cope. My mum phoned the shop twice, because I left the house without breakfast… I started crying in the shop, Joe was consoling me, I was so tired. I took £95.40 home this week! £50 goes to the bank, and the rest I need to use to pay for the window I broke accidentally at home.

Got letters from Gustavo and Luciana.

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