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London 26/02/1990 Monday

London 26/02/1990 Monday

London 26/02/1990 Monday

On Thursday and Friday last week the weather was unbelievable, sunny, 17c! Amazing! Except this warm air front met with a cold air front and the shit hit the fan! Yesterday and today the winds were up to 150km/h. Twelve people died in the UK.

Joe cut down my working hours (I complained so much!). Now I start at 11:00 and today I finished at 6:30 as it was quiet. I’d rather earn less and have more time to myself. If it was a job I loved, then I’d work long hours, but carrying heavy stuff and serving people? Are you mad?

Yesterday my mum asked a German friend of ours here for lunch. He stayed here from 14:00 to 22:00! We rearranged the kitchen furniture. We talked, went to the pub… I loved him. He’s huge, super massive!

Tears for Fears are playing at Wembley in a week and it costs £15. Same as watching a show in Maracana and paying a fortune to see very little. If it was cheaper I’d love to go…

I bought two Marillion tapes. I was going to buy myself a stereo, but my money is in a savings account and at the bank they said my mum needs to authorise any withdrawal by cheque. I don’t get why! So I bought the tape, put in my walkman, got on the tube and stayed in there for an hour, listening to music, as I had nothing better to do.

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