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London 25/03/1990 Sunday

London 25/03/1990 Sunday


Hi! Now I’m going to write in English because I really need to practice, my English is not going on so fast anymore. It seems it’s stopped!

I didn’t go to the Brazil party on Friday. Letitia couldn’t go, so I asked Joe to go with me but he said he was quite tired. I didn’t want to go alone so I stayed at home watching tv… Good isn’t it? Really boring.

The jamaican guy (Karl is his name) I met at the capoeira classes phoned me twice, asking me to go out. He phoned me asking why I haven’t gone to the party on Friday and he told me how was it. It wasn’t really good and Peixinho fought with Muzenza (they really did!) because Peixinho called Muzenza (who is a master) ‘bunda mole’ (lazy/soft arse). Karl told me it was the only good thing at the party. The rest was bull-shit!

Yesterday after work, me and Helena went on a pub, the nearest one and had some drinks. A stupid, inconvenient, boring guy payed us some drinks and wanted to go out with me in any way. Then Joe arrived at the pub and the guy had not left me alone until he felt he wasn’t welcome anymore. He’s a 40-year old playboy. What sort of men I’ve attracted! And he told me he is going to the shop to see me and that we must go out. Fuck off!

When the pub’s closed, at eleven, me, Helena and I went to Joe’s home (above the shop), oh, it was wonderful! He gave us Bayley’s to drink (I love it, it’s so sweet!) and the best cheese in the shop, and Humus, oh, I do love Humus with anything.

And Joe sells the best Humus in London, superb! Joe is really ignorant, he just knows about business and he votes in Maggie, always. He’s a bull-shit man. He said Labour party is communist, then I said “So, to want people to live a decent and better life, to want people to have food, fun and work, to want people to be happy is COMMUNISM? Oh yes, it’s the utopic communism, not the one we are seeing now. This is christianism as well, this is basically, HUMANISM! Everybody should have the same opportunities… etc”

I made my discourse but he’s a simple man. He has no vision at all. So he shut up and me and Helena stayed talking about this fucking world. Then after we have been eating and drinking a lot, and listening to good music (BBC1 was wonderful this night) I came home!

I need a boyfriend. I don’t know if Gustavo is coming because Collor is taking some drastic attitudes (even PT is supporting him, can you believe it!). Shit. I want him to come as soon as possible. I’ve dreamed, last night, he was here and it was so real, so, so… I want him NOW!

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