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London 06/04/1990 Saturday

London 06/04/1990 Saturday

London 06/04/1990 Saturday

After three days off I went back to work yesterday. Nowadays, whenever I can, I steal something. Well, not sure stealing is the right word. As I’m being paid such a bad wage I’m finding alternative ways of compensation. This week it was £10 and two packets of cigarettes. There’s an easy way of taking money without any issues, for example, when the total is £1.38, I only register 38p and keep the £1. But I only do that if Joe isn’t around.

Joe told me, very ‘subtly’ that if I didn’t turn up for work at 9 on Saturday I needn’t bother turning up. He knows I’m going to a party. Son of a bitch! Julie starts at 11, Helena at 12, and me at 9! I asked if I couldn’t be in at 10 or 11, he said no, only 9 would do. I think I’m going to get fired soon.

So, Helena and I went to this party an English lady who teaches lambada was having. Letitia was going but her mouth is sore (she’s been to the dentist), so she didn’t go. We got there and Ze Indio was there, with new wife and everything. It was still empty. Robinson arrived on his own. We went to have a dance and when we got back to the table Denise was there. Karl didn’t go, only Lia and two more people from Capoeira. Helena left at 1am as she was tired. I was talking to a guy from English Guiana, from Capoeira, but my memory has been very bad for remembering names! I’ve never been like this, but then I never met so many people.

Later on James (an english guy who lived in Brazil) joined us. Everyone smokes hash in here without fear! It’s cool! We smoked in the middle of the party and no one batted an eyelid. Robinson and Denise joined us. I can’t quite remember what we talked about, I was properly stoned! James walked me home at 3. The English are mad really, they complain that English women are frigid and complicated, lacking in charisma. This bullshit talk got on my nerves last night and I said maybe they are like that because of the English men. Maybe there’s something wrong with them. James didn’t flinch though, he learned the Brazilian malandragem and said that yes, most of the english men are pretty crap. I hate all this generalising and stereotyping though. Putting everyone into boxes and rubber stamping them is too simplistic.

Ms. McKook said Gustavo can’t stay here, she said that on Thursday. I was very upset and cried. Letitia called and I told her about this. She said he can stay at her house until he finds a place. Gustavo’s dad was going to call yesterday but didn’t. Also I don’t know if he’d want to stay with her. Ah, won’t worry about it too much.

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