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London 13/03/1993 Saturday

London 13/03/1993 Saturday

London 13/03/1993 Saturday

Time to write again…

I don’t think I ever wrote that I had moved to Essex Road with a ‘friend’ from the Photography course called Anna. It’s a housing association 4 bedroom flat + I have been here since July 92.

I did not know Anna was a lesbian + only found out after I moved in. She has a girlfriend. It didn’t bother me, I’m not a homophobic. The thing is she knew I had a boyfriend before I moved in and still, she didn’t like having Patrick around. Anna and her girlfriend are, basically, two bitches, two stupid, smelly, dirty bitches! The situation deteriorated and in December she asked me to move out. I thought why the fuck should I move out? Since I moved in I decorated the place, made it look nice (it was very derelict previously), installed a telephone, got a beautiful rescue white cat to make the flat feel like home… And the silly demented cow asks me to move out! But after a meeting with the housing counsellors I was pressured to move because she was here first.

The thing is I only got in here because of her help. But she’s made me pay a hell of a price for helping me out. I said I’d move out being that I had no choice as soon as a nice place within the association came up. It has not yet.

Anna and Dee are 30 year old slobs. To try and make me go they do things such as leaving the kitchen a mess, not throwing the rubbish out, hiding the hoover so I can’t use it. I mean, being what they are, dirty, filthy pigs. I, basically, ignore them. Anyway, I can’t wait to get out of here because they make me sick. This situation really pisses me off. But I’m sure they are going to drown in their own excrement! They deserve it.

I ‘broke’ up with Patrick last November because I fell for one of his mates. Nothing ever happened between us but I could not pretend anymore. I keep seeing Pat on a regular basis, but since he’s started working nights things have changed. I see him once a week for a short period of time. We are more friends than anything else. He managed to buy a car and is now living in Willesden Green, in a squat. That is miles away.

In November, as I could not get a job, I started Employment Training in Business Administration at Sight & Sound City College. Doing things like touch typing, computers , shorthand. Last week I started a work placement in a company called Parker Young Partnership in Clerkenwell. It is a small design consultancy firm that consists of two partners: Kim Parker and Alaistair Young. I don’t get any extra money for it, but I’m getting experience and will soon have a decent job. So that side of my life is doing fine.

I met a guy at college called Pasquale, and we have been ‘seeing’ each other since the 2nd of March. I still feel like I’m going out with Pat, so that is a bit strange. I can’t bring myself to tell Pat I’m seeing someone else. Pasquale lives with his ex-girlfriend, but they haven’t touched each other for over a year. He is Italian (born in England), 27, shy, skinny, wears glasses, green eyes, tallish. The opposite of Patrick. He lives nearby. And I made all the first moves! I am not in love or anything. But I love being with him, talk to him. Things with Pat were far too intense. As for Pat’s mate, they guy I fell desperately for: I stand no chance with him.

I have to stop now because Pasquale is coming around to see me!

THE END, no more writing until 1999!

I moved to a lovely house with a garden soon after and a whole new chapter of my life started. I worked in office admin for nearly a year, discovered an aptitude for computers and started a Foundation year in Maths, Physics & Computing in September 1994 (Kingsway College). The following September I started a degree in Computer Science at the University of North London which was 5 minutes walk from where I lived (Ringcroft Street) for many years and where I had my son at around the same time I was finishing my degree.

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