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Bus Inspectors abusive behaviour

Bus Inspectors abusive behaviour

18 May 2016

Bus Inspectors abusive behaviour

My son’s Oyster card gives him FREE travel on London Buses. He was a small amount over his funds due to earlier tube journey when he was travelling home on 264 bus, Sunday early morning when inspectors approached him.

He had been allowed on the bus by the driver. The inspectors intimidated him and ruffled through his wallet and WITHOUT his permission took £40 from his bank account. How is this not theft???

My son said that his card had beeped red when he boarded, due to this small amount it had gone over, but he was allowed on. Remember, his Oyster card allows him FREE BUS TRAVEL. So, make your minds up, he’s either allowed on the bus or he isn’t.

My son thinks he was about 35p on the red, so why didn’t the inspectors just ask for the 35p that he was short on his Oyster, and let him travel FREE as is his right to do so, on London buses?

My son got home VERY upset and felt he had been robbed because the inspectors were going through his wallet like he was a criminal instead of a young person trying to get home safely. Yes, that’s all he was doing, making his way home on a bus, and he got fined £40 for that.

He wasn’t even given a proper receipt, just a piece of paper with numbers scribbled on it. He actually wasn’t sure if he had been scammed or not – because of the inspector’s manners and how they treated him. Like a criminal.

Update: after tweet and email to TFL my son’s account was refunded. I sincerely hope this inspector has been sent on some training because his behaviour was unacceptable, abusive and intimidating.

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