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London 28/04/1990 Saturday

London 28/04/1990 Saturday


At capoeira, on Monday, Denise and Robinson had a huge argument during lesson. A really bad one. So bad Letitia, her new boyfriend and Marcia left in the middle of the class. I was depressed, and so was everyone who stayed till the end. After it was finished, me, Karl and James went to see a painting exhibition by one of Karl’s friends. After that we went to James’ flat to watch the videos he made in Brazil. He gave me a lovely earring he learned how to make in Brazil… How to describe James… He used to be Hare Krishna, he’s about 30 years old and he learned capoeira and crafts while he was in Brazil. He plays the guitar, lives on his own and has a son in Brazil. And he wants to go back. He’s weird… Sometimes I find him attractive, other times I think he’s repulsive… Crazy. We stayed there until 2 am, talking about the fight between Denise and Robinson.

On Tuesday Karl and I went driving around and he dropped me in my word processing course, which was starting that day. Afterwards I went to English classes. We have a new English teacher and he’s great, better than Fiona. He’s younger. There were lots of new people in class. After class I went to Karl’s flat to watch Dangerous Liasions for the 3rd time. Karl dropped me home at 2 am.

The capoeira lesson on Wednesday was great. Robinson talked to me and apologised for the fight with Denise. I asked him why he didn’t turn up last week. He said he thought I wasn’t going to turn up because I had been icy the night before when he talked to me. He also said that if he had gone all we’d do was talk, he knew nothing would have happened. I said, ‘precisely’ and that was the main reason I had gone, to say nothing would ever happen again. He agreed but then said he wanted more. I just shook my head, he smiled and then the class started. Denise arrived later on.

After class Karl and I went for a spin. James didn’t want to come, he looked very sad. I wanted him to come as I was getting used to the three of us hanging out after class. Karl and I went to an american bar, to meet Trevor Miller (the guy who wrote the book I’m reading Trip City) – except we were late and he had gone – he had to catch a train to Manchester. We just missed him. We walked around China Town and then got in the car. Then we went to visit a friend of his, a french painter. We talked for a bit and then Karl took me home.

Yesterday Karl and I went to De Mola’s capoeira workshop in Swiss Cottage. I carried Karl’s berimbau and everyone stared not knowing what it was. De Mola’s class was hard! He’s an amazing capoerista, with an amazing style. Lia was there too.

After class me, Karl and two of Karl’s friends who came to watch the workshop, went to their shop. They own a furniture design shop. It’s underground, very spacious, wood everywhere, offices. We had a spliff and Karl and I were dancing to house music except we were playing capoeira instead. Got home at 11.

This morning my mum said Gustavo called saying he’ll be here next Friday. I couldn’t believe it! Letitia goes to Tenerife next week! This is a problem! I had breakfast and went to her house to figure out what to do, where to put Gustavo! She wasn’t there, I left a note asking her to call me. I’m unemployed, no money and Gustavo is coming. What will I do? On the way back from Letitia’s saw some cleaning jobs, I’m going to have to start the desperate search for work again. HELP!

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