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London 06/06/1990 Wednesday

London 06/06/1990 Wednesday


I was in a funny place when I was writing the above. If I lost my memory and tried to make sense of my weekend by reading it I might feel a bit lost… I must have entered a self-destructive, compulsively irresponsible phase.

After class, yesterday, Letitia and I went to the Intrepid Fox and we drank vodca with wine. At 10:30 we went to meet Rob in Leicester Square then got back to the pub and stayed until closing time. Then we went to Camden Palace. Rob was paying for everything so I carried on drinking until I could drink no more. I had seven vodcas with wine, including the ones earlier. I spent the whole show on my own. At first I was sitting down, like a wino. Didn’t want to stay with Letitia and Rob because I wasn’t in the mood for their games, didn’t fancy watching their theatre because I didn’t want to be the in the play. After the show I danced until 3 when it all finished. My legs are aching!

The lights came on and I was looking for Letitia and Rob and found her chatting to a gorgeous Brazilian. We sat on the floor, the four of us, and talked until it was time to leave. Then the three of us went to eat something. Letitia put on a big show, not even Rob could be funnier than her, but I sensed he was upset because she was the center of attention. We waited for a bus for an hour, and when daylight broke they took a taxi. I waited for a bus for another 15 minutes. I got home at 4:30 and I missed work, didn’t wake up until 2:30!!!! Shit! My boss phoned and the first excuse that came into my head was that I ate bad food and had vomited and had to see a doctor…

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