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London 19/06/1990 Tuesday

London 19/06/1990 Tuesday

London 19/06/1990 Tuesday

On Friday, before going to meet up with Sandra, James came here saying he got us an audition for Glastonbury, which is on next weekend. Patrick asked me to go with him but it’s too expensive. If we go to show Capoeira we get in for free! We met with Sandra and went to Seven Sisters. It took us two hours to convince Robinson to go to the audition, he doesn’t trust James… I bumped into Patrick on my way up to the flats, he was washing his clothes and we arranged to meet later in the pub.

Off we went to the audition, on the way I told Patrick I was going to do this and he said he’d call on Saturday. In the end we didn’t get to audition (me, James, Denise, Robinson and Sandra) because we got there too late! We got lost on the way there. We arranged to go back on Monday and James dropped me home on his new motorbike.

On Saturday I was working and James turned up as I was about to leave and we went to Seven Sisters on his motorbike (I came home first to pick my ‘suitcase’ up). We got there and the Brazil game was starting. We watched the first half in the Brazilian squat (me, Denise, Robinson, Gustavo and James). We went to Frank’s squat for the second half. Patrick turned up there when the match ended and we went to his squat for me to tape some of his tapes. After a while we went to Denise’s squat (in my mind the Brazilian squat is hers). Patrick said his brother was arriving from Ireland and they were meeting up in Camden. I went with them. We met his brother, Zeno (Patrick’s flatmate and best friend) and his girlfriend. Patrick’s brother is 20 years old, he came here for a job as there are none in Ireland. We left them and Patrick took me to a posh restaurant. I didn’t want to go in, it was too bourgeois for my liking, but… I ate lasagna, drank wine, and Patrick gave me a flower. Romantic! After that we met everyone at the pub and then went to Electra (Electric Ballroom), to dance. Patrick took me upstairs, it was all 50/60s music, he says he’d have liked to live them. I think I prefer 60s/70s. Now the 50s seem to be in fashion with the Psychobilly thing. We danced, talked. His friend and brother drank so much! His brother started singing to me, funny! We took a taxi home. Patrick’s brother will stay with him until he finds a place/job. We went to “sleep” as the sun came up, for a change… We woke up with all the noise Zeno and his brother were making.

Patrick was going out of London to an Irish festival and I wanted to go to Camden to play Capoeira… I didn’t want to go with him. It was funny. Zeno and Patrick’s brother (can’t remember his name, as you can guess) went downstairs and Patrick stayed behind to find out if I was coming or not. We ran to have a wash, put some music on, took our clothes off… But the water was freezing cold! I nearly froze. In the end I didn’t go with him. I went to Camden with Robinson, Gustavo, James and Sandra but spent the whole time wishing I was with Patrick!

Today Patrick came here and I cooked some pasta for us and played Legiao Urbana… It was so nice. My mum arrived from college and met him. I don’t think I’m in love with him yet but I’m starting to worry about how it will all end.

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