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London 29/06/1990 Friday

London 29/06/1990 Friday

London 29/06/1990 Friday

I’m smoking one now…
Had a weekend half-way through the week, a very mad one. Patrick said he’d go to Capoeira on Monday, but didn’t go because Ireland won the game, and it had gone to penalties. On Weds he called me, and came to my place after work, we ate and then went to Capoeira. The class was being filmed again and Sylvia and Peixinho were there. It was amazing! Peixinho was joking with me, saying he was very upset now that I have a boyfriend. He gave me a daisy and we played Capoeira on the road.

Robinson invited me and Patrick to smoke at his flat. Then Patrick asked me to stay at his. I said yes and we all drove to Seven Sisters in Karl’s car. When we got there we went to a phone box so I could ring my mum, but no one answered it and it was midnight already.

Gustavo arrived back from Amsterdam and brought a Brazilian friend he made there, Felipe. While we smoked Felipe showed us a huge roll of money, Brazilian money, which was now worthless. When I left it would have been worth a fortune and now it is worth NOTHING. I was throwing all the money up in the air, and pretending I was rich. Then I showed all the figures on the notes to Patrick, explaining who they were – there’s one with Villa Lobs and if you fold it a certain way it looks like he’s smoking a spliff! He liked that!
We got to Patrick’s flat and Patrick tells me to wait in the living room. One of Patrick’s brothers, Zeno’s brother and some other guy were sleeping in the living room. Patrick comes in saying his other brother, Cormac, was sleeping in his bed and that he woke him up, he was going to have to sleep in the living room, although we weren’t sure where exactly!

I started joking saying that I felt bad about taking Cormac’s bed for the night, they were trying to make me feel bad, also jokingly, saying he had to be up at the crack of dawn, and we were all laughing. Then in walks Cormac, wrapped in a blanket, half-asleep. We all cracked up, including him. Cormac tried to lie on the same sofa as his younger brother, Gareth, and the two started beating each other up, but half asleep, it was comical… My belly was aching from laughing. We all carried on talking until 2am. Then we made love and it was magical as ever, it’s like we’ve been together for months! Before we know it, we can hear Zeno saying “Patrick, it’s quarter past six”
I couldn’t believe it, I had barely closed my eyes! A while later we hear Zeno again:
“Patrick, if you are still interested in going to work, it’s half past six” That made me burst out laughing, but Patrick didn’t get up. He mumbled and went back to sleep and so did I. I then woke up at 8:15 and got up in a panic, as I was meant to be at work at 8:30. I got dressed and went to say goodbye and… Didn’t get up! We only woke up at 2. Patrick saying that if he went in he could still salvage his job (he’s missed quite a lot already), but he didn’t move. We got up eventually and Patrick phoned his boss, who told him he had ONE MORE CHANCE!

We stayed in the pub until 5, and soon everyone started arriving back from work, and before we knew it, it was like a party in the squat. I was drinking vodka at 5 on a Thursday afternoon, how decadent! Robinson and Denise turned up, then Patrick and I went to another squat to buy some hash. Not sure why but we sat there for an hour, waiting and he told me about his long distance girlfriend in Ireland that he’s meant to marry, they have been seeing each other for 3 years, but apart for 2 years. He went to university in Dublin and her in America… I told him about my boyfriend in Brazil (Gino, Gino who?).

Then he asked me if I was happy there with him, in some random living room, and I said I was. I said that I was always happy when he was around, and I nearly cried (I didn’t let him see that!). He said “Yeah, it’s just really nice when I’m with you” and we just sat there quietly, my heart pounding with happiness. But I was also very worried about my job and my mum, who was going to kill me, so it was a bit of an odd moment. I felt very sad too. We are just two kids pretending we are grown ups, life is so heavy – there’s no horizon. Living to earn a living. Rubbish. We want to go to Greece!

Someone eventually turned up with some hash, I bought it and gave half to Patrick, we smoked and I went home at 10, by taxi, Patrick paid for it.

When I got home my mum said she’s moving out in about 2 months, on her own, I can go and find my own place. I thought fair enough, I’ve been worrying her and doing stupid things. Also she said that if I grow up and regret my actions I can go and stay with her. But I think it’s time for me to live on my own. And there’s somewhere I can stay, for free!

I called Pearl (my boss) and told her I had some family problems to deal with. She asked me to work today until 6 and I agreed straight away, despite knowing Patrick was going to call at 4… Everyone is in a good mood on Fridays at work, I like it. So this is the end of my adventures and also the end of the hash. I’m staying in tonight.

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