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What Luluzinha said…

What Luluzinha said…

I’m keeping note of some of the things my granddaughter says…

27 July 2019

“I just saw a Doctor Truck! “ (ambulance)

16 June 2019

What are you going to be when you grow up? An alien!

14 March 2019
Just after we woke up today… “Jeff, what were you doing?” “I was in the toilet.” “You were in the toilet?!?!?! Was your head in the toilet? was your bum bum in the toilet? was your knee in the toilet? was your elbow in the toilet? was the radio in the toilet? was your meemee in the toilet?” She spent the next while asking this with all parts of body and objects, with each question a huge laugh, thus demonstrating a better understanding of prepositions than Jeff. 😀

04 March 2019
‘Grandma, why is there a clock on the library castle?’ – referring to a clock on a church tower.

14 Feb 2019
“Grandma, scrape your legs before get in” (the house). ie wipe your feet

She’s been saying this for a while, with a silly voice, about 2 months “Grandma, you crazy man!!!!” then starts laughing maniacally. She does it to Jeff too. It’s really silly and very funny.

09 Feb 2019
“You’re almost not my grandmother anymore!” (she was cross with me)

“Give some pretend salt to straighten your hair” (she was brushing my hair)

“I’m making pink flower juice cake. Ingredients milk and flower dust and some curry.”

22 Jan 2019
Luana,where is your new nursery?

“It’s on Nursery Road, Streatham straight to Clapham.”

05 Dec 2018
“Finding Xmas” = looking for Xmas decorations when we are in the car.

“Grandma let’s go to Eddie Catz, I want to see him!” OK, so off we go. Will she be less terrified of him this time? We get there at 10am, after an hour she abandons me to play with 2 new friends. Just before 12 they announced he was coming out. She runs to the front, jumping and shouting ‘Eddie is coming’.

He comes out and her face turns from joyful to terrified. “Will you hug him today, Lu?” “When I’m bigger I’ll hug him”

Eddie does two action songs, all the kids and parents follow but Lu still looks horrified. When songs are done they form a queue to hug him. She asks me to go with her, closer, but then stops and says ‘I’ll do it when I’m bigger’. So I picked her up, same height as Eddie, but when he walked past and waved at her she turned her face away, scared.. Oh well!

“Lu, you’re intelligent!” she looked at me, very cross, and said: “Don’t say that word to me!”

15 Nov 2018
“I’m doing gibnastics gramma Tisha!” – whenever I ask her to get off some dangerous location/position, she pulls out the gymnastics card. I’ve been taking her to toddler gymnastics since 17 Aug 2017 (Sutton), and Tooting Toddler Gym with Mary and Sherry since 22 Feb 2018.

“There’s a lentil on my clothes” lentils = label on clothes

08 November 2018
“When the flowers come out it’s sprinkle!” after I explained Autumn and Spring… A little later she called Spring ‘Sparkle’. In the evening she said “Earlier today I called Spring, sprinkle” and laughed at herself. Then I said “you also called it sparkle!” “Yeah, I did” and she laughed.

During dinner she saw an avocado (she’s always asking what everything is) and asked “what’s that black thing?” I said it was an avocado and said I really liked it. Then I said I really like olives too and asked her what her favourite type of olive was – “Pink olives” was the answer. “My mummy buys me pink olives” so I asked her to ask her mum to buy some pink olives because I don’t know where to get them from. “My mummy is going to buy you pink olives ok? I’m going to tell her.”

“Don’t shout at the cars, grandma, they get sad if you shout at them.” – a comment on my driving 😀

“I’m not coming here anymore” Once again, in response to me saying she can’t do something. I just made a sad face.

15 Oct 2018
“You’re not my granddaughter anymore” Lu got cross with me today for not allowing her to do something

“I need a shortcut at the front.” (need a haircut at the back is what she meant)

12 Sept 2018
Whenever Lu finds a hair she asks whose it is, then she tells the owner to stick it back on their head

I’ve been telling Lu about trees (their names) whenever we go to the common and now she constantly asks me ‘which one is this?’ when we walk past trees & bushes.

Easter 2018:
Is it Easter’s birthday?

22 Jan 2018:
2 year olds are possessive, but this takes it to a whole new level of irrationality:
Me: “Your dad is my son…”
Lu: “NOOOOOOOOO, he’s *MY* son!!!!” (at the top of her lungs. I nearly went deaf :D)
She was an unexpected gift from life. I wasn’t expecting to be a grandmother for another 10 or 15 years but there she appeared. The most beautiful, funniest person I could hope to have the privilege to be a grandmother to. I’d like to think that despite all the difficulties her parents are going through, they are better people (or will eventually be) because of her. I certainly am.

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