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BSB 18/9/1986 Thursday – Lost tooth

BSB 18/9/1986 Thursday – Lost tooth

BSB 18/9/1986 Thursday – Lost tooth

Fernando Gabeira is in favour of the legalisation of weed, according to him, so is 50% of the population… But he’s against heavier drugs.

My grades have dropped incredibly! I was shocked. 35% in PS, 0% in Chemistry I and 25% in Chemistry II. Ok, I didn’t revise, but I used to get 40% before without revising. What’s going on? How am I supposed to get through school like this? What are the teachers doing to us?

Something funny happened at home today. My mum and I were having lunch and suddenly she starts looking around for something. She stood up, looked around the house and then asked me “Have you seen my tooth anywhere?” and I said “You what?” “My porcelain tooth, it’s fallen off, it’s gone…” We looked everywhere, she was lamenting the loss of her tooth, that it was expensive.

I got tired of looking and said “Maybe you swallowed it without realising.”, and she said “Yeah, that’s possible”. Then she cried saying it was so expensive. Then she asked Basti to go and buy ricin oil to make herself sick. She was nearly sick when she saw how much the oil cost, she even called the shop to complain. Then she went to vomit but no sign of the tooth. In a way I was relieved, it would have been hard to see her smile knowing she had vomited one of her teeth. Eugh! Can’t unthink that.

We are in an electoral jungle. Worst of all is I can’t vote but have to put up with the propaganda. I wish I could vote, I have a conscience and I care more than a lot of adults. I think only people who wanted to vote should vote, instead of it being mandatory. Look at all the parties: PSC, PPB, PT, PDS, PFL, PDT, PMN, PMC, PtB, PMDB PCB, PS, PC do B, PCB and lots of other Ps. Easy to get confused when voting! The winner is the one with the most money to buy votes

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