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Teenage Years in Brazil: 1984-1989

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I was born in August 1971, in the city of Brasilia, which is where I lived when these diaries were written.  Prior to that I had lived in Mexico, Brasilia, Goiania and Anapolis…  These have been translated from Portuguese by me.  I was 12 years old when I started writing them, after reading Anne Frank’s diaries, the same age my son is now in May 2012.  He doesn’t write a diary but I hope he will read these one day!!!  I suppose this is my legacy, along with my photos. There is an earlier diary which I haven’t translated, but I have taken photos and uploaded here

BSB 14/12/1984 Friday

(the previous page is missing from my diary and it starts with this)

…. save money.  When they realised they liked each other they decided he shouldn’t come here anymore (this was in May).  Then Erton came here.  Later he contacted my mum, saying he was ‘fixated’ on her.  So yesterday he came here and whenever he comes to Brasilia they will get together, but that’s it.

A bouquet of roses arrived for my mum.  Wonder who it could be from…

In the afternoon my mother and I went to Conjunto Nacional shopping centre.  Bought 2 trousers, one each.  Then we went to a camelô (street vendor) to buy new sunglasses for my mum.  On Wednesday (she only told me today) she was mugged in one of the underground passages.  The thief, only one, took her bag, but she implored with him to keep it, so he only took the sunglasses and her watch.  He pulled the glasses off her neck, they were attached like that, and hurt her neck.  That’s why I never go on underground passages!  We bought her new sunglasses for 12,000crz and one for me for 10,000crz, very nice.  Then we went to 2001 record shop, on the way I met Andre and Fabiano on their bikes.  I got Summer 85 (lots of dance songs, for 15,000!) and Sivuca for my mum (only 9,000crz because it’s old) and a cassete tape for me, for 5,500crz.  I’ll put the prices on everything I buy from now on to compare them!

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